Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tasca Hopping

The other day while one of my three daughters (the Eldest), was working on the final touchs of a skit at our local Library. Me, myself and I decided to park my car on the Main street and walk around our little downtown area. What a surprise, all the new little shops! Clothes, jewely, you name it. The area that I had grown up and moved away from, had now revitilized itself. My family and I have now lived here for three years. But, this was really my first getting out alone and just taking a casual troll. Upon turning a corner and looking around, I felt almost like I was back in Madrid, Spain. Little eatories (like Tascas) that were on every corner in downtown Madrid. It was a wonderful site to see. Just as I was about to turn back to meet my daughter at the library. An older gentleman in his 70's or 80's was beckoning me to come and have a look see. He kept pointing to this one Tasca in particular, I kept waving and saying "Gracias" (Thank you in spanish) but he kept persisting! Waving like he was saying come in, come in have a seat. All this without saying a words. Just as I thought I'd broken away from his friendly smile and gesture to return another day (which we all know probably would not have happened) My neighbor whom I've known for years, but have never had the pleasure of just sitting and chatting, came out of the little latino resturant. She was just sitting, having a nice relaxing morning. Peering out the window, watching people walk slowly by and sipping on a cafe con leche. She invited me to sit with her, then quickly poured me half of her fruity mango cool refreshing breakfast drink, that had just arrived to the table. We chatted, catching up on each others summer and how quickly time and summer had passed. Her son was away in Ecquador with his father, and my children were keeping busy with local activities. After about fifteen minutes, we bid our good-byes and vowed to get together like that again. Hopefully next time on purpose! Wow, what a wonderful interuption, I thought as I walk back to my car and drove around the corner to the Library. Wouldn't it be nice if we took a little time to enjoy the view.

Call a friend that you have not seen in a while and go and enjoy lunch together.

Tata for now!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Long Term Goals

“You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures.” -Charles C. Noble

I've been working outside my home now for four weeks. Missing my family already, I do enjoy the car rides back and forth from work.

Peace and Quiet, but only if I... Decide to turn off the music!

Have a Great Day and a Great weekend!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homeless Family In Virginia

Hello My Brothers and Sisters In Christ:

A family in need!

Each one teach one and many will follow.

Please watch this video!:

"Homeless In Virginia"

In His Name


Family of 12 children and two Adults, Father lost his job! Now house has mold and mildew, the Mother and children are getting sick from mold! They are having to walk away from the house and are now homeless! Living in a church. In the video, I said 10 children their are 11 children living with the parents in the church. Most of the children have mild disabilities.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Feature blog for Coloquymoms!

"katjrobertsonHey how would you like to be featured next week for @colloquymoms launch party?"

"katjrobertsonI just need a bio, a photo, and a post of your blog. :)"

O.K, don't panic! I can do this!

As I sit down to try and attempt to write my first official brief Bio and short (ha, ha) blog entry... I reach down on the floor of the Dining Room and pick up a pencil, now... for a clean piece of paper to start off, with no crayon drawings or magic marker hand prints! You see, at my house we have organized chaos! I know where everything is it just does not have a permanent home, yet.

We have no cable, satellite, or Internet. So, I would have to write down my thoughts and feelings then drive to my parents house and use their computer. Which does give me a few moments away from my lovely children. Yes, of course I love my children and family! I would not be able to Homeschool them for the now 9th year if I did not.

Let me start again by introducing my self, on the Internet I like to be known as Nubian or NubianQueen. I've been a stay-at-home Mom for 12 years give or take a few weeks of seasonal work like the U.S. Census. For the most part I've been home, what I hear a lot of is, "Oh, how fortunate you are to be able to stay at home." Well it's mostly been about making sacrifices! But, yes I do believe it has been a joy and a blessing!

New chapter of my life does begin tomorrow, Monday is the BIG day! I begin a job outside of the home! Although, I would love to be one of those Mom's with wildly successful blogs or stay at home jobs. This blogging thing is all new to me! So, it ain't happening yet! "It's time to make the donuts." (That's from an old commercial, if you are younger then thirty you may not know or remember it? LOL ;)

So, with my background being in Communications in the Air Force (Served during Desert Storm). I set out to fill out some job applications! Do you know how intimidating that was. After almost 12 years of no employment! I was forgetting dates, having to just wing it! But, sticking to the truth and not fudging. The hardest part was filling the missing dates when I worked here and there for a few weeks at a time. Well, it all paid off, Monday is Orientation! Don't want to say to much I still have to pass a week of cramming in information! Plus go home and cook, organize my children and get ready for the next day! Welcome to the real world (right).

The one other good thing about this is my lil soldier guy will have to wean from breastmilk, WooHoo! Oh, did I say that out loud! At the rate he was going, he was going to be asking for milk on his wedding day! "Mother, may I have a sip of milk from the bitty, please Mother Dear"!
Well, that is all for now! Tata! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but, I am a very excitable person!

chow for now,

Last Free Weekend...

Yes, you read it correctly! This is my last weekend as a stay-at-home Mom.

Although, I do have mixed feeling about this. For the most part, I've been home for about 12 years, married 22 years. But, with the present economic situation and an ever decreasing budget, I must now return to work.

In March-April, I did work for almost 4 weeks. My job was collecting Data for the U.S.Census Bureau (or better known as "The 2010 Census").
But, that ended early when all of our work was completed ahead of schedule.

So, now lots of thoughts are running threw my head. How will I continue Homeschooling and work? Will I have to rely on some sort of Menu planning like: "for the love of chaos" twitter@katjrobertson and @colloquymoms? Will I need to re-read wifely tips by Jen twitter@fruitfulvine2 ... ? (To keep my marriage in tip top shape). Only God in Heaven knows, but I do know he will not give me more then I can handle.

Orientation is this Monday morning! Please keep me and my family in your prayers ;)!

Chow for now!

Off to Bed Without Nusing!

Now this was a first, my son off to be without Nursing! Praise God!

He has had a busy few day, running, jumping, rolling down hills at the water park. Or, was it the shower and a really good hair shampoo with scented oils added plus conditioner? It could just be that he is getting older. I'm not sure, but, I'm willing to repeat the shampoo and bed-time routine again on tomorrow evening. ;)

Chow for now,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Amusement Park!

This day was long anticipated by children and us Adults! My DH took off the evening from work and we were looking forward to this fun family adventure!

We started preparing the evening before, when we received a phone call asking if we would be willing to leave Thursday night and stay at a hotel 10 minutes from the park. The Girls were just arriving home from VBS (Vacation Bible School) and once they found out the good news they were elated! We started packing. Our goal was to be out of the house by 10pm. Well, we pulled out about 11pm. That's not bad for two Adults and five children. We had bathing suits and towels plus all the necessities. We were even asked to bring our cast iron frying pan for Homemade pancakes by our gracious host. They had booked a room, once they arrived the room was not up to par. So, they were upgraded to a suite with an attached room and they offered it to us! WooHoo!

The next morning! We ate the best Gluten free, soy free, wheat free, rye free pancakes we'd ever had! That was worth the traffic delay we had experienced on our way to the hotel. Plus, freshly cut up fruits including: Pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, mango, apples and a tray of watermelon and a tray of honey dew melon! It felt like a little touch of Heaven! We washed it all down with a glass of Orange Juice.

Then off to the water park! We spent all day there, lots of fun for the kids. The older three Girls were permitted by us to venture off on their own, with promises to stay in touch by their cell phones. This worked out great, we took the little tots to their special kiddy section. Great fellowship too! We finished the evening with a catered dinner all you can eat! We practically rolled out of the park! We can't wait to do it again next year!

Chow for now,